Photography Time
Remember Photos Sell Cars Along with a Honest and Full Description of your Vehicle. So when it is time to sell your Automobile making the car presentable is going to help you get best results. Take a look at this page to help you take Great Photos yourself.
Steps to a Successful Sale
1. First you need to wash and dry your car, Vacuum and wipe down the interior. Whatever is not going to be sold with the car please remove. If you are selling a Barn Find then leaving it the way it is from the bar is a selling point.
2. Pull Vehicle Out Of Garage. Over the years we see that the best pictures are taken when its a little cloudy, like also in the afternoon pics. If you have good lighting for inside pics and a good camera then that will work also. The orange chevy truck was taken with my Google Pixil Phone.
3. Location For Photos. Best place for photos is location that is not cluttered. Find a quiet street or a parking lot. Something with a good background always make a nice photo. Again remember these photos is what will help you sell your car and get best bidding results, so take your time and take great photos. Try not to have people or other things that can be a distraction.
4. Photos Of The Exterior.  Your first photo should be angled from the left front or the right front. Then followed around the front of the vehicle and as you move stop every couple feet and snap another photos. See the Examples below. Some of the angles on the side bend your knees a little so you can view the bottom half of the car. Any questions about your photos feel free to email us at
5. Photos of the interior. Start with a full overview of the inside, like opening the doors and take pictures of the wide angles. Then as you move inside take pic of the door panel, dash, each seat, steering wheel, gauges, controls, carpet, headliner, and make sure you take photos of all doors open and from driver and passenger sides of the interior.
6. Time To Photo The Good and Bad. Integrety and Honesty is what everyone wants. So when we describe and take photos lets take them as what you would want to see. Lets not crop any flaws, show the flaws up front this will save us all hassle later. Begine with wide angles then move and take close up pictures of the ext and int. Most auctions that have a higher ending bid has 40+ photos. Don't worry you can NEVER take to many photos, so just keep snapping. Detailed photos is what we are all asking for. Open the hood and shoot different angles of the engine. Open the trunk and take as many angles as possible of the trunk with the turnk mat and with out the trunk mat. Here is a list of more photos you should take like all manuals and paperwork, vin and trim tag, tires, wheels, any rust spots, any dents, tool kits, spare tire, if you can get a lift great if not put your camera on the ground and tilt it up and take some photos of the underneath from the front, back and sides of underneath.
7. Make People Want Your Car. Remember in most cases the buyer will be relying on your to show them every inch of the car. So make them want this car by letting there eyes see what your car is. So start snapping and lets get your sold to the highest bidder. See below of a example from the first pictures to the 61st photo and the video that alows the buyer to really get a feel of the car. Video are not required but sure do help so they can hear the car run and rev up. Good Luck
See Video Examples and Below the Videos are pictures from start to finish for you to reference to as you take your photos
For Photo Reference from start to finigh Click Here
1  Video of a 1974 Chevy C10  Video of a 1976 Ford Ranger XLT  Video of a 1970 Ford Torino



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