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Hi Pam
Thanks for your help and what a great car you sold me. I’ve been looking for over 4 years for this car as I owned one in 1958 and drove it from Key West Florida to Portland Oregon after my discharge from the Navy. It’s a very special car for me and I know it was a very special car for the seller also. Thanks again, Bob
Hi Pam,
This is Ryan Hanson, my wife and I purchased the 73 Dodge Charger recently.  I just wanted to let you know that the car arrived yesterday and thank you for your help through the process.  My son was very excited.
      Mike and John, 
I want to take the time to thank you on ALL the work you both did to secure the deal on the 1973 Dodge Challenger. Even though there were a few problems I cannot tell you how comfortable you both made me and cannot thank you enough for your professionalism in handling the problems. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase as well as the way every aspect of my buying experience was with Classic Car Deals. Mike O'Leary is a total professional and a stand-up guy. I will recommend your company and Mike wholeheartedly. This was my very first Classic car purchase but NOT my last. I will only deal with you both in the future.
Most sincerely, Robert A. Farruggia Jr. 
Penfield NY 14526

HI Pauline –

Thanks so much for your fantastic work, in negotiation the 1967 Catalina that I bought out of New York!

You were patient, friendly, kind, persistent, and available. What more could I ask for in a mediating salesperson?

I’ll refer you out to anyone I know that is looking for an old classic vehicle. And I may buy again from you in the future.

All the best!

      Hi Pam, my name is Larry, Mark's dad.   We received the Nova. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for making the transaction so simple.Thank you for all your efforts in helping Mark with the surprise of my life. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that unbelievable event. This beauty brings back a multitude of teenage memories for both my wife and I being that we cruised around in one in the early 70s. Since then I always had the desire to buy one but always put it on the back burner. I suppose for other things deemed more important. You can bet I will enjoy every moment  with this car. A huge surprise but what didn't surprise me was Mark's heart.  He has always been a kind and giving person. He told me it was his lifelong dream to give me this car, and as a parent I can honestly say I didn't even need the car to savor those words. Just a proud dad here.   Once again thank you Pam
Hello Natalee,
Pauline did a great job! She is a real asset to your company!
Steven King
“ Classic Car Deals have an Outstanding 
Team. Frank did an amazing job. I recommend this company 10/10 rating. Thank you so much for the A1 customer service. “  
Jerome Belcher
      Hi Natalee,
I just wanted to follow up with you and John Beebe to give you both an update and to thank you kindly for the help you both provided in getting things moving.
I could not have been more surprised and happy, that within hours of sending you the distress email below, John called me and essentially was able to break through the log jams.
He had set in motion the title to be in the mail the following day, and set up an incentive fee to get a driver to deliver the truck ASAP.
So, I have been in possession of both the truck and the title for two weeks now and am a very happy camper.
Your actions of forwarding the distress email to John was key, then for John to step in and make things happen was monumental.
I promised I would send a picture of me with truck, so here is a photo as promised.
Thanks again and best regards,
Thanks Scot for your help. 
Truck came last week. Getting a tag, transfer title today. Its a trip driving a 60 year old truck!
      In November 2019 I purchased a 1935 Ford Model 48 Slantback from a seller using Classic Car Deals. My contact person, Scot proved to be remarkably proficient in arranging “everything” from my questions about the condition and other pertinent information about my car so that I felt extremely comfortable in making my purchase. As the car was in Ohio and I live in Texas, Scot was very helpful in arranging transport for my classic which arrived in excellent condition and in a timely manner! I highly recommend Classic Car Deals Company for anyone buying a classic cars that is looking for a reputable and honest company to handle their purchase. Charles Steen



Hello Pam,
Two years ago you brokered a deal for a 1965 Impala.  The car is now complete.  The first 2 photos are the car when I received it.  The last 3 photos are the car now.  The last one shows my first car show trophy.  One of my high school classmates recently recognized it as a replica of my first car.  He thought it was the same car I had in high school done in my school colors.

In a couple of years I plan to have my own company and I will need a company car.  I am thinking of a Studebaker.

Larry Pratt

Top Pic Before

Botttom Pic After

Hello Joe,

Below is a testimonial and attached you’ll find a picture of me with the car.
Classic car deals made the process of purchasing my first class a car a great one. When I contacted them about my interest in a car listed on their site they were very responsive and attentive in getting back to me quickly with information, pictures, and anything else I requested.  Once the deal was made, they were quick to take care of the rest of the details, even as we were heading into the Labor Day weekend. They made the rest of the buying process simple and took care of everything quickly. I really appreciated their service.
I just want to thank Classic Car Deals (especially Pam) for helping me find my dream car.  Pam was very pleasant and well informed about the process and very helpful in coordinating everything with the seller.I am completely in love with my car and so thrilled to have it in my possession.
Thanks for everything you did and for making the process run smoothly. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CLASSIC CAR DEALS.
Hi Scot,
Just wanted to tell you the GTO was delivered at 10 p.m., last night!
Can't believe the driver made it from TN to AZ in less than 48 hours.  Don't know how he did that...
Thanks again for all your help!
      Initiated a telephonic call to Scot several months ago requesting if he would locate a 1969 Mercury Cougar  for purchase.

Scot reached out to me shortly there after and informed me that he had located an off the frame, fully restored, 1969 Cougar convertible that had been sitting in a garage for sometime that required some TLC, after the untimely death of the previous owner.

After negotiating a good price for this classic, 1969 Mercury Cougar convertible, Scot and his team went above and beyond  the call of duty, to provide the additional resources required to enhance the performance of this magnificent beauty before transporting it to the Sun City in El Paso, Texas...

Classic Car Deals is to be absolutely commended for helping  a young man from Brooklyn, New York City, fulfill a child hood dream.

Keep up the OUTSTANDING work Scot!!!
The Chevy arrived last night, the driver was very courteous and the car was in good shape.  
We drove it around the block and I am pleased with the purchase.  
Thanks for putting together the deal.



I have been infatuated with the Studebaker since I saw the damaged front end of one in the bottom of the barn floor as filler when I was a young kid of 7 years old. I have also held onto two of these hubcaps my entire life for some reason. The photograph I am attaching is of a 1964 Golden Hawk that belong to my parents. This photograph was around 1970 and that is my mother leaning against the car. My mother passed in 2012 and I wanted to build a tribute car as a memory to mom. Eventually I came across this photograph and figured it would be a good idea to do a car like that. I had not been looking for one and the only reason I came across the one I have now is that I was showing someone what they look like and for some unknown reason and advertisement came up on the right side of the computer so I decided to look at it. Making a long story short I purchased this vehicle and have it now as a tribute to my mother. I was not looking for one for sale at the time but I believe there was some kind of an intervention and I was meant to get this one. Classic Car Deals made buying this car a pleasant transaction. I could not be happier with the process of getting this it is everything they said and more

Mike Evans


      Classic Car Deals was great, especially Pam Moore and joe Garcia. Also joe from valet transport , they all kept me in the loop and the car was delivered in a timely manner.
Ridley Park, PA
Hi Frank,
I was asked to send a picture of me with the truck when I received it. I want to say thank you for everything you did through the purchase process of this truck. I am very pleased with the truck. It is everything as I expected the way it was presented on your site, talking with you, and also talking with the owner. I also want to comment on the shipping of this truck. The fellow, Steve that delivered it was a very nice person and skilled at what he does. The truck arrived without a scratch and looks awesome!  
Once again, thank you so much
John Caesar
In August of 2019 I decided to try to fulfill the dream of my "Happily Ever After" and look for and purchase the car of "his" dreams.  
With very little car experience and absolutely no "classic car" knowledge, I was fortunate enough to find Classic Car Deals.  Pam was such a great help and assisted me every step of the way and made the entire experience fun.
Happy to say that it was the surprise of a lifetime and they best gift I have ever given!  Couldn't have done it with our Classic Car Deals.
1974 Studebaker 2R10 Avanti II - Stock #: AAH16136
Stacey Lense
If you ever thought about buying a Classic car online and having it shipped to your home rest assure that Classic Car Deals is the place to go. Being a first time classic car buyer I was apprehensive about buying on line but after calling and working with Pauline my concerns were gone. Pauline was very patient with me as I called numerous times inquiring about the process and questions about the car. Pauline explained the process which by the way is straight forward. When it came to questions about the car Pauline would setup a three-way conference call with seller. All my questions were answered and I felt comfortable making an offer to purchase. Once the deal was made Pauline helped with shipping arrangements and the car was delivered to my driveway. I am now a proud owner of a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger.
Hats off to Pauline and

Ken Czajkowski


Hello Classic Car Deals,

Pauline Hammond was your agent in helping me buy stock #AAH363, my dream car a 1957 Buick Special, from your web site. She was very pleasant and well informed about the transaction and
very helpful in co-ordinating with the seller.
Thanks for everything and making it smooth, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Best regards

Thomas Poulsen in Denmark


Hi John
Just wanted the let you know the truck arrived in Indiana, to my uncles place( he is redoing all of the mechanics for us) . He was pleasantly surprised at the shape it was in based on how old it was, it was better than he expected, which is a good thing. We were going by how it was described by the owner on your website. 
Also we just received the title for it this week as you promised it would be.
I have to be honest with you, we were very reluctant in buying a vehicle, sight unseen and also from a company that we have never heard of. We did do our homework and did some research on your company with the locals there in your town. Even with  Merit Bank, they all had good  things to say and gave a sense that cars deals was a solid company with great reviews. Which made us feel even better. 
Thank you for a great experience in buying our "old truck"
Annette 1/28/16



I want to thank Classic Cars Deals for such an awesome experience!  I found their ad for my dream car online quite by accident.  I was just beginning my search (or so I thought).  When I inquired about the vehicle, they were very responsive to my questions, and not pushy at all.  Once I made the decision to buy the vehicle, they guided me through the process and made it just as smooth as glass, and were very patient with a first-time out-of-state buyer.  They obviously know what they’re doing.  My vehicle arrived in Phoenix, Arizona in perfect condition, everything the ad said it was, and I am thrilled with it!  Driving the dream!
Barbi Holderman 2/1/16
Car was what we was looking for and great service. Thank you John and your staff
Chris and Sherry McQuarters

    Rec'd my 55 Willys Jeep P/U today.  It was just what I was looking for in a Resto/Moded truck, Not over the top, but where I can drive it daily if I want.   It is also an eye catcher, had 2 strangers stop and get out of their cars to check out the jeep in the first 4 hrs it was sitting in my driveway.

My deepest thanks goes out to Pam for the terriffic service she gave me and calm my nerves.  Everything went absolutely smooth.

Thanks again - Phil



Dear Classic Car Deals . my name is Matthew C. Brown , I just bought a 1969 ford f-250 truck from Classic Car Deals and it was a new experience buying a truck on line . for me , I was a little worried about buying a truck unseen by my eyes . I am glad I did . I hired the 3rd party inspection team to look at the truck for me . the report I got was real detailed and plenty of good pics too . the whole process was painless and the whole deal moved very smooth . the transport company was great on how fast the truck came to my house , and the title came soon after in the mail . if I am ever looking for another ride , I will check with Classic Cars first . cant wait to get the truck restored , so I can turn onlookers heads . 

yours truly , Matthew C. Brown .





Hello John, I liked to really Thank You so much for what You did for me on the purchase of this vehicle. Absolutely every thing I have been looking forward to in every way, although there was a couple of slight dings on it that I wasn't aware of and a dead battery but otherwise flawless!!!

Just like to say thanks to Classic Car Deals for the best purchasing experience in my lifetime on my old but new 1950 Chevy 5 window 3100. Definitely very Proud of this Vehicle and so looking forward to showing it off to all my Friends and Family. Thank You again Classic Car Deals for taking care of Business and taking such good care of Me on this truck deal Thank You!!!

Stacy Dennis In Oklahome





Great Car and just a Great Experience. John Beebe and team is honest and upfront about everything. I would Recommend purchasing your next car from Classic Car Deals.

Again Thank You

Tony in Chicago



Jeep was represented correctly and I am completley happy with my purchase. My and my kids will enjoy this jeep for many years to come. If I ever buy another classic vehicle it will be from John Beebe. Call them now.


Eric in Northern Michigan


 Can't thank you enough for the professional, honest transaction to secure my 1986 Chevy C10.  Although I was concerned about an internet deal from so far away (Michigan to Florida), your team is exemplary!  From initial discussion with Pam, to the transport and arrival with the driver, Mike, everything was smooth and on time.  I will spread the word!
Thanks again,
Michael P. McNerney



Dear Pam. I want to thank you for your professional service and helping me get the Model T car. You really did a good job and it wasn't like dealing with a used car salesman, The car came through fine. It was everything that you promised and was done in a professional manner. I really appreciate your service. If I buy another car I would certainly use your service with you Pam, because it was completely trouble free. Everything was as you promised and I'm very satisfied with the deal on the car. Here are the photos with my new Logo's on it.

William Baker MD

I bought this 1965 Chevelle from Classic Car Deals in April 2016. Jimmy was
professional, pleasant to deal with and got me the car I was looking for. I
was very apprehinsive about wire transfering a large amount of money to an
internet company that I didn't know. They are the real deal and did
everything they said they would do. I am really happy with the car I got and
the service they provided. I live in California and bought the car in
Illinois. Everything went smooth, the car and title showed up within a week.
I would recommend them to anyone!

Mike G.



Pauline Hammond was your agent in helping me buy stock #AMS1691, a 1941 Cadillac, from your web site. She was very pleasant and well informed about the transaction and
very helpful in co-ordinating with the seller.

Thank You!

Arnold Jewell



Hello Pam

 Well my 65 Riv arrived Tuesday morning. It looks a mess but that was to be expected considering it spent the last 40 or so years in a barn. When this car is done it will be as beautiful as the day it rolled off the assembly line if not more beautiful. I just want to say that it was a pleasure doing business with Classic Car Deals and you made it a very painless experience. If I ever have to purchase a classic again I would not hesitate for one minute doing business with your company.

thanks for helping to make my dream come true, Karl Wuest.





Thanks so much for your efforts to enable me to purchase the 1947 Chrysler from Classic Car Deals. There is a lot or worry when purchasing from a distance. Mike was very helpful in making this a less stressful event.  The driver for Valet Auto Transport was courteous and efficient. Thank you all.



John,  Here are some photos of me and the 1935 Plymouth Jimmy helped me purchase.  I am at a old Texaco gas station in Hazel Green Wisconsin owned by a gentleman who works on old classic cars still.  I want to also again express how much I appreciated dealing with Jimmy and would encourage others to ASK FOR JIMMY when looking for a classic car deal!!!! $20,000 is A LOT of money for me to spend on a toy I always wanted and Jimmy helped calm my nerves.  He worked with me to get a good deal and wen that extra mile!!!!



I had a 1976 Pontiac Trans Am 50th Anniversary Special Edition back the 80's and never dreamed that I would find one again! Many thanks to Pauline and Classic Car Deals for making my dream come true. From the time I made an offer to delivery of the car, it all happened within one week! I will definitely recommend Classic Car Deals in the future. They are very friendly and help you through buying a car over the Internet and feeling comfortable doing so. All phone calls were returned within a timely manner and there were no worries. Thanks again!


Reanate Williams



So sorry it has taken so long to thank you for all your help.  Even though there were "bumps" along the road you were able to "sing" thru them. Without you I'm not sure the deal would have happened, but as you can see we have a beautiful car that will be in the family for a long time.
I hope Classic Car Deals realize what they have with you as an employee and would be hard to replace.
Once again Thank You and Good Luck!

Gary and Pam Humphrey



I would like to commend Pam in my recent purchase..She is an exceptional employee...Took a number of phone calls from me and passed it on to the other end and negotiated between us....She also worked with the auto carrier on pick up and delivery... Kept me up to date the whole time..Very consensus and courteous..Absolutely a great asset to your company....Thank You...Eddie Tidwell  

 Pauline guided me through the process of purchasing a 1966 Corvette Convertible. She answered all of my questions and pulled no punches. She was very concerned about condition disclosure and made me feel comfortable with the deal. Pauline is honest, detail oriented and truly committed to her buyers. “ 
Hi Joseph,
I just wanted to submit some feedback on my recent purchase of the 1971 Ford Torino that you can use for the testimonials section of your website if you would like.
"I just want to say that I had a fantastic experience buying my car through Classic Car Deals. The staff was responsive and helpful from the get-go and Pam worked late hours to make sure everything was in order for my purchase. The car arrived in great condition and looked exactly like the pictures. I am currently working on the car every day and look forward to enjoying it for years to come. The top notch service, price and follow through of Classic Car Deals is a winning combination in my book and I would highly recommend them to anyone."
Thank you again for all of your help and I wish you all the best in 2017.
Chris Buchanan
Hello John and crew,
Just wanted to let you now I recieved the Mustang on 24-12-2016.
NICE Christmas present.
I would like to thank you all for the perfect way it all happened.
It's not so evident for a Belgian to buy a car in the USA and get it to Belgium.
It was nice dealing with Classic Car Deals!!
THANK you guys for making my dream come true.
Werner Verbeeck

Just wanted to say that Pauline was a dream to work with .
She was so very, very helpful and nice an patient with us.
Thanks to her we found the truck of our dreams.
The whole experience was and transaction went so well.
Thanks you again Pauline

Mary Ellis



Hi John,
I  Received my 1951 GMC Pickup truck last week.  It is exactly what I wanted in almost every way and actually a little nicer than I was looking for.  The plan is to use it every day going back and forth to work as well as grabbing a couple of groceries every now and then.  My experience working with you and Mike has been nothing but professional and was very impressed with the level of service you both provided.  This was the first time I had bought a vehicle without actually seeing it first and as you know, was a little nervous about it.  In the end I can’t thank you and Mike enough for everything and couldn’t be happier.

Thanks again




As requested, attached is a photo of the 1949 Jeep just after she was unloaded. She is as advertised; runs well, but needs some TLC to return her to her glory days of Korean War era. Thanks for the prompt, courteous service, on-time delivery and professional handling of this purchase. As soon as I receive the title, I will license her as a historic vehicle and begin the restoration process.

Thanks again,

John Tonkin

Hi Pauline , the shipper Danny I think , picked up the 65 t-bird sun. 9 am on time , he handled the car with great care and respect , please let Joe at Valet Auto Transport know he did your company proud , thanks for everything and making it smooth , all you guys did a great job selling and shipping .HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Thank You

Don McCaskill


Here it is home at my place in Auckland NZ. Still not certified by local auto rules but booked in and looking good. Please pass my thanks to Joe he provided us with lots of paperwork and receipts. Tell him we will look after "turtle" and she admired by many already. Thanks to you too Pam made my adventure into car buying very reassuring.

Best wishes Grant Winkle(WINKS)

   My name is Susan Clark from Santa Rosa, Ca.  I have been dealing with Mike regarding a 57 Chevy for my father.  This was my fathers dream to get another classic Bel-air.  He is 85 and wanted his nastalga back.  He has dreams to drive once again at either, Hot August Nights in Reno, or Peggy Sue, here locally.  I believe that locally Peggy Sue is his ticket for showing off his new (baby).  (Don't want him driving to far these days)
   Mike, I have to say,   was SO wonderful in making this happen for my Pops.  Mike's tenacity in finding the perfect car for my Pops is how it happened.  I just can't thank this man enough what he did!  So very nice and helpful!!!!
   If we ever need to sell or buy a Classic car again, We will contact Mike first.!!   He is an asset, I know..I ran a business for 26 years...The best are keepers!
Very Happy with this buy and your customers service...
Thanks Again to Mike and Classic Car Deals,
Susan Clark/ Robert Goosens
Santa Rosa, Ca.

Dear Pam, just wanted to thank you for your professional service in making this happen. Everything went just as you said it would, with the exception of delivery, WHICH WAS THE NEXT DAY! The transport company was also top of the line, very polite and professional. I would and will recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a classic car online. Thanks again for making a long time dream come true. Vince
     Joseph, my dream car arrived on Saturday afternoon, it was the perfect sunny and warm day in Chicago to get my car!
It's more beautiful than I expected!
I want to thank you guys for my car's safe journey.
I have enclosed two pictures.
Thanks again, Bryan K Osburn. Chicago, IL.

"Fashions fade..Style is eternal"                   .....Yves St. Laurent  


I just wanted to say WOW!  I was very impressed on how easy and painless selling my 78 GMC through Classic Car Deals was.  Pauline Hammond was so informative and helpful, she really put me at ease and explained each step clearly.  She was readily available when I had questions.  Pauline is a SUPER salesperson, you are very blessed to have her!





Hello Classic Car Deals,

Sorry for not contacting you earlier.

The 1955 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight arrived at the port in Gothenburg Sweden in April 2017.

I had it registred, tagged and insured the month after.

We have enjoyed it all summer.

Thanks for yours and Pam Moores cooperation.


Best Regards,

Magnus in Sweden

 I would like to thank Pam Moore for all her help with the 59 Ford. It is just like the pictures.I love it.Thanks again Pam.

Gary Laabs from BUFFALO CENTER IA 50424



Dear Pam.

 Our beautiful Impala came today. We thank you so much for helping us get it. We are glad for the good deal too. You was so kind & never pressured us a bit Chalmers & his wife were so kind & considerate. We pd. the trucker 1300.00.  Thank you again. We love it.           


I am very pleased with my new purchase from Here is the picture of the vehicle when I backed into my drive, after picking up from Cadillac showroom (coming from Indianapolis). John was very nice to deal with, actually everyone was. I would buy from here again, and can recommend this company.


Randy Parks
      Thanks for getting through
 skepticism, having patience, and taking
?all of ?
my many calls of concern through this untraditional purchase. U were wonderful!
?Larry Leftwich 
71 Cuda ?6/4/18

I am pleased with the car

The owner represented it truthfully and honestly

Your agent ( Pauline ) was great, and a very interesting Lady

She handled the transaction professionally, yet with personable flair

You are fortunate to have her on staff


The arrangements were that I went to inspect and pick up the car in one trip

I am in central Indiana and the car was in Louisville KY

Tedd Armstrong




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