Classic Car Deals Team





John Beebe - CEO

My name is John Beebe and I have had a passion for Old and Vintage Automobiles for as long as I can remember. 12 years ago I started helping other Classic Car Enthusiast sell and market there vehicles on the internet. I created Classic Car Deals in Jan of 2016 and my dream was to give a service level to sellers that would be hassle free. And help buyers purchase there dream car. Before I started this company I was still buying, selling, and consigning for clients for 4 to 5 years. I take pride in our honesty and integrity here at CCD. And I love seeing the smile on happy buyers when they see there dream car arrive at there house. 





Pam Moore - Sales Associate

My name is Pam Moore and I have always had a love of automobiles. All my working career has been with car dealers. Many years as parts manager. I have been here with CCD since the beginning. I can attest that honesty and integrity are especially important to the company, especially in this climate. I love that the most important goal here at Classic Car Deals is to satisfy customers, buyers, and sellers alike. Finding the right car and getting the right information can be a challenge but fun. Let me help check that car off your bucket list!   My direct number is 231-577-3462.






Pauline Hammond - Sales Associate

My name is Pauline Hammond and I am the mother of 7 wonderful children, 14 grandchildren, and 18 great grandchildren. I have been in car sales for over 25 years. I had a number of great jobs before that but when I got into car sales I knew I had found my niche, mostly because I was able to interact personally with so many wonderful people. In January 2016, I went to work for Classic Car Deals and I soon knew I had found my forever home. Their honesty, integrity, and their kindness is what I am all about. To me it is not about just getting the next sale, it is getting to know each customer on a personal level and giving them great customer service. We start out as strangers and we end up feeling like we have known each other forever. Fortunately, I have been able to help so many people put the classic cars of their dreams in their garages, and I hope to help put one in yours. As your sales representative, I will listen very carefully to what you are telling me, and I will pay close attention to your wants, needs, and your budget. If you are ready to find your dream car, I am ready to get to work to help you make that happen. Call my direct number anytime at 231-577-3460. 






David Krouse - Sales Associate


Dave is a semi-retired former Business Owner, Custom Manufacturer, Race Car Builder and Performance Automotive Specialist & Consultant.

For more than 40 years he has owned and operated businesses, mainly in High Performance Automotive and Manufacturing.

He consults Internationally with High Performance Race Car shops he has set up as well as several race teams in the New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and Georgia parts of the country.

Having built them all over the years, he says he especially loves Muscle Cars and Street Rods.

A quote from Dave: "As a Vintage and Classic Car tech guy, I lend my expertise to my clients to make sure their vehicle choice fits their expectations.
So when there are Tech questions, I am here with the answers in plain English."

"And PS, I love working here at Classic Car Deals, its a dream job for me and you can expect the most Professional and Concierge service we can bring you."






Frank Straub - Sales Associate

My name is  Frank Straub. I have been a car guy for over 40 years - my buddies and I were heavy into Pontiacs - I had a metallic blue 1974 Pontiac Firebird Formula that ran so good I could reach in through the driver's side window on cruise night and start the motor with barely touching the ignition key...the motor would burble to life and begin was a thing of beauty that car. I am honored to work with Classic Car Deals to help customers find the classic car or truck of their dreams. We are dedicated to providing a safe, honest platform that you can trust - whether you are looking for your dream car or truck, or selling your classic vehicle. Give me a call on my direct line and I will help you find YOUR dream car. 231-252-0825.






Gabe Garcia - Sales Associate

My name is 






Scott McDowell - Sales Associate

Hi,  my name is Scott McDowell here at Classic Car Deals.  I have been in the car business the vast majority of my 28 years in sales.  I have been a "Carguy" really as long as I can remember. Even as a 5 year old child, my parents were amazed at how I could tell all the cars going down the expressway by their wheels!  I have a true passion for sales and completely enjoy helping to make "Dreams come true, one deal at a time"!   Take the time to get to know us and our company, you may just find that making your own dreams come true may be as easy as picking up the phone and calling 231.216.1223! 







Eric Davidson - Sales Associate

Hi my name is Eric Davidson. I have been married to my wife since 2006 and we have one beautiful daughter. I have been in the auto industry since 2008 and I love to help people find their dream car. Meeting and talking to people is one of the things I love most. My dad was a lover of cars and he was my influence to also have that love, especially the classics. That is why I am so happy to work for this company so I can help people find the classic car of their dreams!







Steven Townsend - Sales Associate

Hello, my name is Steven Townsend and I am very excited to be a member of the family at Classic Car Deals.  I really enjoy seeing beautifully designed older vehicles still being appreciated by so many people.  I've always asked a lot of questions and enjoyed talking with people.  I'd say about everyone has some dream car they have always really wanted to have and I would highly enjoy helping put that into your garage.  I will strive hard to meet any need or want you are looking for.  Call me directly at 231-252-0826 and let's enjoy this adventure together. 






Suzanne Holdwick - Title Spcialist

Hello, my name is Suzanne Holdwick, the Title Specialist with Classic Car Deals. I am the mother of 3 wonderful children and two grandchildren.   I have worked in customer service for many years and truly love working with people.  As the title specialist of the company, it is my responsibility to ensure the VIN tag of a vehicle matches the title VIN, this ensures a smooth transition of a vehicle from seller to buyer.  Customer satisfaction is always strived for.   I look forward to working with each and every new customer of Classic Car Deals. 






Aaron Springer - Consignment Specialist

My name is 






Alissa Brown - Consignment Specialist

My name is Alissa Brown, growing up I was always my fathers sidekick, I loved doing everything with him. Rather it was wrenching on vehicles, going to car shows, or even going to work. When I showed interest in cars, he dove head first into teaching and showing me everything he could about them. He said I could do anything I put my mind to. So I did, and here at CCD I learn something new everyday with the support and wisdom of such an amazing team! I pride myself in being honest and compassionate to each and every person I come in contact with. Rather its buyer, seller, or someone with questions or concerns. I am always happy to help! (231)388-0124






Helen Wright - Data Entry

My name is 






Ruth Ondrus - Receptionist

Hi My name is Ruth, Around here I am considered the queen of everything. I have been around the car buisness all my life . My dad was in auto sales and autobody work  most of his life so I got to know cars from being around him and watching him build a business .but, it did not stop there I ended up marrying the love of my life 45 years ago and during our marriage we have be blessed to have owned many classic cars(some which I wished we still had). I as the receptionist love to meet and greet those who come in and take that great big sigh,and start telling me about those cars that they owend in the past and the oohs and awes as they look around. Ihope to share your stories someday as we continue to press on with this company CLASSIC CAR DEALS . GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!





Jeremy Meade - Detailer

My name is 






Michael Gregory - Auto Delivery

My name is Michael Gregory and I made my first run for Classic Car Deals in 2013 and since then have delivered and picked up hundreds of classics. I was a truck driver for 20 years. Since retiriement and working for CCD I have enjoyed seeing all these classics and meeting the people I have delivered to and picked up. Hope one day I will be delivering a classic to your door. 




The Garage At CCD




Troy Svejda - Service Manager

My name is Troy Svejda and My wife and I with our three children have lived in northern Michigan for 2 years and have enjoyed every bit of it!  I grew up working on vehicles old and new with my dad, and moved into industrial level mechanical maintenance and troubleshooting.  I have been with Classic Car Deals for nearly two years, and it has been a great environment to work in with the great team of professionals we have here.  Coming back into the classic vehicle repair business has been a pleasure, and we enjoy the challenges that maintenance and repair of classic vehicles brings to us.  





Steve Lewinski - Mechanic

My name is Steve Lewinski. I have been in the vehicle repair business for the last 20 years. I am a Master certified  Auto technician. My passion for cars started at a very young age, being that my grandfather and father always had me involved in automobile racing. I take pride in my ability in the automobile industry to keep our classic cars on the road. Looking forward to keeping you and your family's classic vehicle up and going for many years to come.





Ron Miller - Mechanic

My name is is Ron Mills.
My wife and I have 4 children and 12 grandchildren. 
I have been doing automotive repair for over 30 years. I love bringing a car back to life and functioning for the driver to enjoy. 
I enjoy working at Classic Car Deals, there is a genuine care for people and great integrity. Our goal is to work with you to get what you would like to achieve. 










Owner of Classic Car Deals with wife and five children at Newport Aquarium.



John Beebe - CEO With Family 


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