Older couple shopping classic cars for sale on their computer. Both the man and women seem excited at the classic car for sale that are looking at, as they drink coffee in their in kitchen.

Shopping classic cars for sale

When you’re searching for classic cars for sale there’s many things to consider and it can be a frustrating search. Maybe you start locally and see what you find? Then start searching through craigslist and auto trader to see what classic cars and trucks are out there, but you are still not finding that perfect classic car you have in your head. So now you begin the google search for classic cars for sale and find out there’s many businesses that specialize in classic cars for sale! How do you know which to choose and where to start? How do you buy a car without touching it and driving it? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this blog, where to start and finish when you’re searching for your dream classic car for sale.

Make, Model, Year, Budget

First and foremost, do you have a specific make, model, or year in mind? Are you flexible on this and just like a certain style, body type or horsepower/engine size? Deciding where you are on these preferences will help you big time in this process. Before you even start looking for classic cars for sale, it is important to establish a budget or range you’re comfortable with too. The budget should include money for purchasing the car as well as money for any repairs or upgrades that may be necessary after purchase. Don’t forget to factor in shipping and possible insurance costs and registration fees too. Knowing what preferences to look for and understanding your budget will help you find the perfect classic car.

Let the Professionals Help

Once you’ve established the classic car or classic truck you want and the budget range now the search begins. The searching for your perfect classic car for sale, that meets your specifications, can be the frustrating part and is by far the number one complaint we hear from customers when they eventually contact us for help. Because once you’ve established what you want, the chances are very high that you’re not going to find it locally. That’s where ClassicCarDeals.com comes in.

Which Professional to Pick

There are a few types of sites you’ll find when you search for classic cars for sale. First is a dealer listing site; these are sites that list all the other the sites and dealers that have classic cars, or trucks, for sale. It’s really just a reference site and does little to actually help you or narrow your results for you. The second is the dealer site itself; these are classic car dealers who purchase the cars themselves and then resell them. Some restored and some not but expect higher prices. Third is a consignment-dealer site; these are dealers who have both their own classics for sale along with consignment vehicles that the owners have agreed to list with them. A consignment-dealer has thousands of classic cars listed in all price ranges and conditions. This gives you the best selection and price on your classic ride you’ve been dreaming about.

The Process Made Easy

Your dream car found- At ClassicCarDeals.com we have 8,000+ classic cars and/or classic trucks for sale. We’re one of the world’s largest online consignment dealers headquartered from our showroom in Cadillac Michigan. We have an easy to use website but don’t worry if you can’t find the classic car for sale you want because we have clients all over the United States so we can locate exactly what you want. Contact one of our customer service reps to cover your wants and budget range and then we get to work.

Inspection and Financing- Once we have found the classic car or classic truck that fits your parameters we will contact you and cover all the details with you, ensuring it’s the one to get excited about. Then we will also walk you through the third-party inspection process. We always recommend a third-party inspection to document the pre-purchase condition for both parties (see the Classic Car Deals Guarantee page). If you need help with financing, we are proud partners with Collector Car Lending, the world’s largest classic car financing department.

Delivered and Enjoy!Once you’re happy with the car or truck, the inspection comes back as expected and financing complete; we’ll handle the delivery too! ClassicCarDeals.com has shipping partners to deliver your classic car safe and secure. Whether we need to ship it to you in the United States or to another country, open or enclosed carriers, we can handle it. Then it’s time enjoy your classic! 

We love what we do at ClassicCarDeals.com and are here to help you get that dream classic car you've always wanted! Just give us a call to get the process started.    

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